Travel Hong Kong, an Experience you will Never Forget April 3, 2018

Travel Hong Kong, an Experience you will Never Forget

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Travel Hong Kong will assault your senses with the extreme shopping, wining and dining style of life mixed with traditional districts of Chinese culture. It is one of the most famous destinations in Asia as well as the business and banking capital of the region. The 260 islands surrounding Hong Kong, most of which are uninhabited, offer a peaceful respite to the main city’s frenzied pace.

Hong Kong Island is a wonderful blend of innovative 20th century architecture, colonial construction, and conventional Chinese temples. Central is the heart of the island, the main financial and commercial district, and the primary spot for travel to Kowloon Peninsula on-board the well-known Star Ferry. An interesting way to ‘feel’ the hum of the city is to ride the 800 meter long outdoor escalator which thousands of people use every day and has produced varied escalator cafes and restaurants.

In Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui is considered to be Hong Kong’s tourist hot spot, jammed with shops, markets, and tourist hotels. Nathan Road is the place to go for hip and stylish shopping along the best shopping street in Asia that rivals Fifth Avenue. The New Territories lie between Kowloon and Mainland China and are an opposing mix of new towns, energetic markets, rolling woodlands, game reserves, and sandy bays. Around Sha Tin don’t miss the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery located in the hills, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and the Sha Tin Racecourse which holds horse races on the weekend.

Disney’s newest adventure park, Disneyland Hong Kong, is situated within the verdant background of Lantau Island. Visitors to the 310 acre park can meet all of their favorite Disney characters and then board the Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad for a park tour. Arrangements for a day trip to Lantau Island can be made while on Hong Kong Island. The MTR Disneyland Resort Station can also be used to reach the park.


Sightseeing trips and tours around the area usually take a few hours and the transportation system is advanced and efficient. A tour of Hong Kong Island lasts about 4 hours, a New Territories tour takes about 6 hours. The night dinner cruise and tram tour are other popular outings along with recreation and sports tours.